delete this
Mars givin the ol' skeleton a look over

Input text: The small skeleton is in front of the large mirror. The small skeleton is facing the mirror. There is a Mars 10 feet in front of the skeleton. The Mars is 6 feet wide. The Mars is 1 foot above the ground. There is a large gun behind the Mars. The large gun is facing the skeleton. The large gun is 2 feet above the ground. The chartreuse "delete this" is inside the small skeleton. The chartreuse "delete this" is 5 feet wide. It is night. The camera light is midnight blue. There is a an azure light 1 foot behind mars. The azure light is 0.5 feet above the large gun.
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Mrbigmad  (2016) 
mars lurks
Gamer With Dignity  (2016) 
cyberpunk as all heck
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