candlelight vigil

Input text: There is a cup. The cup is on a coffee table. The ground is water. the table is on a [grass] island. the sky is smoke. the sky is tiny. there is a boat 70 feet behind the cup. the boat is -2.3 feet above the ground. the boat is facing east. there is a small [lonely man] picture frame next to the cup. a candle is several inches to the right of the cup. a HUGE HUGE frown is 1 feet above the candle and 8 feet in front of the boat. the frown is 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide. there is a flame 2 inches above the frown. the flame is 8 feet tall. the transparent yellow moon is 20 feet west of the boat and 15 feet above the ground. it is 21 feet wide. there are 12 BRIGHT BRIGHT lime lights next to the moon.
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Effects: Saturation, Saturation
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