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Tribute to Velikovsky

Input text: the large world sphere is 100 feet above the dark gray ground. the humongous striped sphere is 30 feet behind the world sphere. the red sphere is 50 feet behind the striped sphere. it is 100 feet wide. the sky is black. the sun is white.
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Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
The strange leaps we make - From colliding bowling balls to worlds that collide. What could possibly be next?
rws  (5 years ago) 
Actually what inspired me for this one was your groan heard round the world one.*br*
coyne  (5 years ago) 
btw, there's a model of Saturn with the rings and all.
rws  (5 years ago) 
ah. didn't know that.*br*
coyne  (5 years ago) 
it needs to be the usual vertex normal smoothing (which will happen next update).
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