I was trying to make a floating head and a fat body
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Input text: The hair is brown. The hair is on the head. The head is above the body. The body is fat.
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zamchick  (2016) 
You should have gotten a few notifications explaining what was happening. There is no "hair" object so instead it put a hair image on a cube. you then put the hair cube on a head. It randomly chose a deer head which you can swap in the right column for another head :-) And again, there was no "body" object so it put an image with a body on a second cube. It probably ignored your last sentence (and should have told you.)
WhateverSatan  (2016) 
Yeah, I just loved the result of it because it maked no sense xD
I didn't even try to fix it, it was too funny, but thanks a lot :)
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