Small RTS Battle

Input text: the ground is unreflective grass. the building's wall is red. a hangar is 190 feet north of the building. the hangar's wall is red. a giant structure is 230 feet west of the building. the structure's body is red. another giant structure is 20 feet west of the structure. the structure's rope is red. a giant factory is 200 feet southwest of the building. the factory's floor is red. a small tower is 80 feet northwest of the factory. the tower's roof is red. a small lookout tower is 680 feet east of the building. the lookout tower's roof is red. a 50 foot tall red soldier is 270 feet southeast of the hangar. the soldier is facing north. a 50 foot tall red fighter is 22 feet northeast of the soldier. the fighter is facing north. a 50 foot tall red man is 50 feet southwest of the hangar. the man is facing northeast. a huge vehicle is 90 feet west of the soldier. the vehicle's cab is red. the vehicle is facing north. the vehicle's cover is red. a 100 foot long blue missile launcher is 200 feet north of the hangar. the missile launcher is facing southeast. a 100 foot long blue rocket launcher is 100 feet west of the missile launcher. the rocket launcher is facing southeast. A 100 foot long blue leopard tank is 300 feet east of the hangar. the leopard tank is facing south.
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zamchick  (2016) 
awesome. looks like a circuit board.
2evLx6GG  (2016) 
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