Plight of the Albatross
hedgehog1965 typed a picture: A huge flat silver star is in front of a small [iron] tree. A humongous silver sphere is 20 feet in front of the star. The ground is 20 feet wide water. A humongous clear dodecahedron is 20 feet behind the star. 2 lights are above the star. A small bird is -3 feet left of and -2 foot above the star. The altitude of the sun is 178 degrees. Camera light is grey. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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Nanook  (2016) 
I recognized the [iron] texture to the left of the scene but I was intrigued at how the rest of the text played out. Naturally, I opened it up and it's really fascinating how the scene comes together. Nice.
susu  (2016) 
fantastic :)
hedgehog1965  (2016) 
nheiges  (2017) 
I just ran across this - phenomenal!
hedgehog1965  (2017) 
@nheiges - thank you!
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