Unused Album Cover #3
Draft album cover idea #3 for this:

Input text: The head is 8 feet tall. The head is -0.25 feet above the ground. The ground is clear. The 20 foot tall and 20 foot wide wall is 3 feet behind the head. The wall has the [Checkerz] texture. The texture is 15 foot tall and 20 foot wide. The [Linez] belgian waffle is 120 feet tall. It is 40 feet wide. It is 40 feet deep. It leans 67 degrees to the back. It is -35 feet above the head. It faces north. The red light is -2 feet above the head. It is in front of the head. The head is silver. The sun is rust. The ambient light is ink blue. The camera light is lime. The blue light is 4 feet left of the head. The violet light is 4 feet right of the head. The [Numberz] circle is 4 feet in front of the head. It is -4 foot above the head. It leans 45 degrees to the front. It is 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep.
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Nanook  (2017) 
I really really like this one it's so intense.!! BTW Great to see your works again and see you back in the mix you're always missed when you're away :-)
666  (2017) 
very cool music
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