zamchick typed a picture: the lightning is above and -3 inches in front of the chicken. it is -5 inches to the right of the chicken. the silver water can is 2 feet in front of the chicken. the mauve light is 1 foot in front of the lightning.
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watcher570  (10/2/2017) 
KAWE  (10/2/2017) 
yes a (zam)-chick (en) with lightning bolt is a nice selfportrait :-) (if you feel so)
coyne  (10/2/2017) 
who would have guessed! :-)
nheiges  (10/2/2017) 
a bolt of inspiration? nice portrait :-)
zamchick  (10/2/2017) 
Nanook  (10/2/2017) 
ingenious :-DDD
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