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I want to try this one of these days.

Input text: a dull dodger blue vase. a dull amethyst violet vase. a dull egyptian red vase. azalea pink sun's altitude is 90 degrees. camera light is dim. ground is shiny. sky is 3000 foot tall [pottery].
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watcher570  (2/25/2018) 
I still have a bag of clay in my shed but no potters wheel
nheiges  (2/25/2018) 
There's a place in town that offers classes and all the equipment for glazing and firing, etc. but it's kind of expensive.
watcher570  (2/25/2018) 
The clay I use will dry in fresh air,no need for glazing :-)
nheiges  (2/25/2018) 
perfect! what kinds of things do you make?
watcher570  (2/26/2018) 
Hands or arms,just decorating the garden :-)
nheiges  (2/26/2018) 
Would love to see a picture of your garden decor!
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