Input text: a 50% dark man faces right. he leans 2 degrees to the front.a 2.9 foot tall and 1.5 foot wide and 1.5 foot deep dark [horror] hand is -1.5 foot left of and -.9 foot in front of the man. it is upside down. it faces west. it is .1 foot in the ground. sun's azimuth is 90 degrees. a very gigantic cube is -6 feet above the man.the cube is 22 foot tall [horror]. the cube faces southeast. ambient light is ghost white. camera light is dim ghost white. the cube leans 2 degrees to the back.
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Effects: Saturation, Saturation, Illustration, Balloon, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness
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good one!
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We Are Here

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a belated thanks!
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