Strange Goings On in Rachel, Nevada

Input text: A tall blind is in front of a clear elevator. A light is -4 feet above the elevator. A small shiny man is 1 foot in front of and -3.5 feet left of the blind. He is facing northwest. A light is above the man. A black shiny fan is 6 inch above and -1.1 foot left of and 4 feet behind the man. A light is -2 feet above and left of the fan. A cabinet is -5 feet left of and 3 feet behind the man. A cyan light is behind the cabinet. A small shiny basket is on the cabinet. A plant is 6 inch left of the basket. It is -0.1 inch above the cabinet. A 30% dark spider is behind the plant. It is facing west.
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Effects: Brightness
nheiges  (12/13/2018) 

He's peering through the blinds to check it out.
boneybird  (12/14/2018) 
Great image
hedgehog1965  (12/14/2018) 
Nanook  (12/15/2018) 
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