The Class Clown

Input text: The [image-12476] backdrop. The fur goat. The large animal is behind and two feet to the right of the goat. the bird is one foot behind the animal. the large cow is 3 feet to the right and -12 feet above the animal. it is facing southwest. the clown is 18 feet in front and -10 feet above the bird. he is leaning 30 degrees to the left. the pig is -3.2 feet above the clown. it is 1.6 feet tall. it is -5.75 feet to the left of the clown. it is leaning 30 degrees to the left.
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Attributions: Class Picture... by boneybird
watcher570  (2/21/2019) 
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nheiges  (2/22/2019) 
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