Office break

Input text: a 100 inch tall and 200 inch wide and 200 inch deep white table.a 70 inch tall laptop is on the table.the display screen of the laptop is [file].the laptop is -110 inch left of the table.the laptop is facing southeast.a 100 inch tall white chair is -20 inch in front of the table.the chair is facing northeast.a 110 inch tall woman is on the chair.the clothes of the woman is red.a 50 inch tall silver trash can is right of the table.the trash can is -20 inch in front of the table.a 90 inch tall peace lily is on the table.the peace lily is -70 inch right of the table.a 2500 inch tall red light is gainsboro.sun is gray.
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hedgehog1965  (5/30/2019) 
Break the chair?
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