The Fugitive
Inspired by @hedgehog1965's "A Game of Cat and Mouse"

Input text: a 1 foot tall funnel is 6 feet above the ground. a cyan light is -.5 feet above the funnel. ground is tile. it is night. a 1 foot tall table is on the ground. it is -.5 foot in front of the funnel.a mouse is -.01 foot above the table. a .5 foot tall cat is -1 foot beneath and -.6 foot in front of the table. a tiny copper light is in front of the cat.
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watcher570  (8/11/2019) 
good one
opalduck  (8/11/2019) 
that composition is
opalduck  (8/11/2019) 
really good!
hedgehog1965  (8/11/2019) 
I (re)watched The Fugitive yesterday; great film
nheiges  (8/12/2019) 
Thanks! And I agree, @hedgehog1965
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