Well, This Is Awkward...
The dangers of DIY builds

Input text: A man is -7 feet in front of and -22 feet above a 20% shiny house. He is facing east. He is leaning 30 degrees to the front. Camera light is black. A light is above and -2 feet left of the man. 2 dim lights are behind and -1 foot above the man. A pigeon is -4.5 inch above and -1.3 foot left of the man. It is facing northeast. It is leaning forward. A ladder is -20 feet above and 2 feet left of the man.
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Effects: Saturation, Saturation, Illustration
coyne  (8/30/2019) 
striking scene! and funny too :-)
Nanook  (8/31/2019) 
wonder what the pigeon is thinking :-DDD ? too funny!! excellent scene btw :-)
KAWE  (8/31/2019) 
nheiges  (8/31/2019) 
the pigeon shadow is great! funny scene :-)
hedgehog1965  (8/31/2019) 
Thanks all :-)
BTW the pigeon is thinking, "And they said pigeons are dumb!"
Nanook  (8/31/2019) 
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